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David Dadekian from Eat Drink RI has been our private chef and cooking instructor at Blackbird Farm since 2009, and he’s created a lot of material since that time on how to cook our meats: videos, recipes and more!

Eat Drink RI has a YouTube channel which we hope you’ll subscribe to and follow the Cooking playlist. Below are some of the cooking videos David has produced using our meats.

The most important thing you need in your kitchen in order to cook our meats to perfection is a thermometer. David cannot recommend this enough and loves the products by ThermoWorks. He suggests the following items.

The first is a probe thermometer that stays in the meat while it’s in your oven. This is crucial to cooking our roasts and larger cuts of meat to the proper temperature. The second item is an instant thermometer which can used to temp steaks and chops cooked on a grill or stove top. Just hold the item off the heat and quickly check it’s temp. The 3rd and 4th items are also probe and instant thermometers, but the best of the best. The 5th thermometer is a wireless grill or smoker thermometer, and the 6th is a fantastic timer system.

Please purchase these items through the links here to help us out.

DOT® Simple Alarm
ThermoWorks DOT® Simple Alarm Thermometer

ThermoWorks ThermoPop®
ChefAlarm® Cooking Alarm
Thermometer and Timer
ThermoWorks ChefAlarm® Cooking Alarm Thermometer and Timer
Thermapen® ONE

ThermoWorks Thermapen® ONE
Smoke Remote BBQ
Alarm Thermometer
ThermoWorks Smoke™ Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer
ThermoWorks TimeStack®

You may notice in David’s cooking video he often uses a pressure cooker or an immersion circulator (“sous vide” device) along with a range, oven and grills. Below are some basic and higher end models he recommends, along with curing salt (Prague Powder #1) and some fancy wireless thermometers.

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